It's funny what most of the people stand for "working at home". I do work at home... I've done it since I became a free lance graphic designer. But as I said, it's funny what most of the people think about the fact of working at home. They believe that being home, you don't work at all, or that your tasks are oriented towards house maintenance at all times. Nothing farther away from reality than that.
As a musician, the hard work is done during the day. Performance isn't considered work, it's when you enjoy what you do, it's fun-time! On the other hand, the most creative time of the day is right after getting up and having that first cup of coffee. It's like when you were at school, but at home... Actually, my daily activity begins with the study and practice of four subjects, then I record and listen to five or six songs until I find out the music structures and arrangements, I edit the lyrics to the songs and then place them into my Repertoire Books. Done this, I study three more complementary subjects. Then I read and answer my e-mail. After lunch, I give a couple of hours to my design activity, I manage my four Online Stores and I follow up my appointments. So, as I said, nothing farther away from the idea of doing nothing. I like working at home. I spend most of the day inside my studio... and it's fun.