Would you like an appetizer? Have a Blueberry smoothie. How ‘bout some Spanish “tapas”? Taste Portobello mushrooms fried with garlic and thyme above a bed of provoletta cheese and red peppers. Do you want a salad? Have some smoked salmon spheres with cream cheese a mix of lettuce, lucerne, cucumber, tomato, avocado and mango vinaigrette.

Last April 14th I started performing my 70’s show in a picturesque place in the very heart of southern Mexico City’s Tlalpan. The name is Tramevino Restaurant and they serve Mediterranean food. They had opened doors by February with an interesting Menu: “Tapas”, salads and beverages that make organic products like blueberry their ingredients. A petite place for no more than six tables that produce, along with the great music from the 70’s an intimate atmosphere. Good friends, delicious food, freshing beverages and great music make a wonderful evening. Owned by Federico Núñez and managed by Gypsy Lara, it’s the place that we were looking for in order to make it “our place to go to”. We’ll joyfully walk this new road every Saturday night. I’ll wait for you there!