Ulises Troyo I get this idea of getting professionally into music by the age of fifteen, after being accepted for the "Up with People" show, but it isn't until I get eighteen that I start working at nights as a musician and a singer at restaurants and bars in Mexico City. In 1986 I move to Cancun and I start playing American genres like Soft-Rock and Pop on the piano. I get back to Mexico City around 2001, invited by The "Old Days Band" to open their shows and I settle down as a solo artist, performing at classy Clubs and Hotels and at particular events. My first album is released in 2004 and my second one in 2009. At present, I play every Friday night at the Radisson Flamingos Hotel and every Saturday night at the Tramevino Restaurant in Tlalpan. I get hired for parties and social events inside and outside the Country and I'm working on my next CD.

About Ulises Troyo

Ulises Troyo was born in Mexico City on February 2nd, 1957. He was raised along with an older brother with the commitment of developing some artistic skills and a sporting activity besides the regular school duties. He practically gave himself into art in every possible way, but he found a special fascination for music. The richness in his musical knowledge comes from his parents' real legacy, a huge collection of records with music from all over the world in many different genres. His proficiency in self-teaching gave him his first results when he was accepted for the "Up with people" show and next when composing his first song.

Ulises soon started playing with a friend in local bars of southern Mexico City and later formed a band that played in Colleges and Social Centers. Although he gave himself into his professional activity as a Graphic Designer, he never left music totally aside. He achieved steadiness in his musical career when he was forced to move to Cancun due to an earthquake in Mexico City. This was the time when he made music his modus vivendi, performing in bars, hotel Lobby bars, restaurants and in shopping malls in Cancun. He had gladly observed that most of the working musicians' repertory was either towards upbeat music or local folk music, so he made his show consist of the pop and soft-rock songs he had being raised with and loved. He got back to Mexico City after living in Cancun for ten years, time that he played for international audiences.

Ulises has always felt a special admiration for the work of soloists-singer-songwriters emerged in the late 60's and early 70's like Barry Manilow, Billy Joel, Elton John, John Denver, Neil Diamond, Jim Croce, Cat Stevens and James Taylor and he also has found very interesting the work of duets like Simon and Garfunkel, Seals and Crofts, Batdorf and Rodney, Loggins and Messina, England Dan and John Ford Coley and Crosby and Nash, as well as bands like America, Eagles, Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young and Chicago, and extinct bands like The Hollies, Classics IV, Bread, Poco and of course The Beatles. He has been influenced by all these solo musicians, therefor he integrates (when performing solo) the definition of this particular style (Solo Acoustic Music) to his very personal Brand. His presentations include a very wide repertory of songs made famous by all these people and bands and his style represents two formal and very definite genres: Romantic-Pop and Soft-Rock music.

Ulises is in the search of an opportunity to show some of his own material and although he plays both the piano and the acoustic guitar, he at present only plays the piano and sings in his shows, waiting for the chance to bring his guitar back into scene, which he hopes to be pretty soon. Ulises has been offering shows in classy Lobby bars, hotels, bars and restaurants since he got back to Mexico City in 2001, both opening for the Old Days Band and playing solo and has been taking part in Particular Social Events for the same 11 years. He has produced two Christmas Concerts and has released two Compact Discs: "Remembranzas" in 2004, that contains the most requested songs since his debut as a solo piano player in Cancun and "Now" in 2009, the first of two parts of the "Now and Then" concept , with songs, people, places and situations that he encountered in his coming back to Mexico City.

Ulises at present plays at the "Scala" Night Club of the Radisson Flamingos Hotel every Friday night as a piano player-singer, opening for the Old Days Band and as a Host Artist at the Tramevino Restaurant in Tlalpan, every Saturday night. He is still being hired for Particular Social Events in the City and in other States of the Country. This year has been a busy one for Ulises, for he's been working a lot, besides his jobs, in the re-design of his Website, now available both in Spanish and English. He has also been preparing the recording of his third CD, that will be recorded LIVE from his presentations. His plans for the rest of the year include touring solo through Cities of States like Querétaro, Guanajuato, Morelos, Hidalgo and Estado de México through November and December for a Christmas Special. He will also be recording a song as a guest artist in the next Old Days Band's CD.


Into Music

The first conscious contact with music that I remember was back in 1962 when I got this portable record player from mom and I chose some records of artists that sang in English like The Beatles, The Monkees, Pat Boone and others that mom used to like. Two years later I got my first guitar. By the age of nine there was I singing with my brother as a duet, performing at home, singing to unknown relatives that visited the familiy from different parts of the Country.

Later on I wanted to get into the "Estudiantina" (choir) from school and my mom got me into piano lessons. Although I wasn't happy trading my brand new guitar for a "boring instrument" called piano that I even didn't know how to play, this became the first and one of the most important experiences for me. I had sung in front of an audience before, but to perform for a bigger audience before, but during these couple of years I had to play for a bigger audience at a special Hall that wasn't my home's livingroom... that was something else. I took piano lessons with Maestro Alfredo Vazquez for almost two years. This meant my guitar had to wait. And although I never learned how to read music, I learned a lot more things from Maestro Vazquez Sanchez. More than just taking out sound from the piano with my hands, I learned to listen, I learned to appreciate music, I learned to see the forest not just the trees. I trained my musical ear so well that it became easy for me to play a song from scratch by just listening to it first.

A couple of years later I took back my guitar and left the piano for some time this time. This instrument was easier to play and now I knew a little more about music I could take it with me everywhere I wanted and play it, it was fantastic! I found in playing my guitar and singing a good way of socializing with girls, given my natural shyness. It was great to listen to all those songs by groups like The Beatles and The Monkees and great soloist singers like Paul Anka, Engelbert Humperdinck, Tom Jones, Johnny Mathis and of course Frank Sinatra. I wanted to be a singer then. I was decided to buy as many records as possible and learn lots of songs.

By the end of the 60's I knew a lot of songs on the guitar, some taught by friends at school, some by friends at the Sporting Club and some others learned by myself. I used to listen to the radio for hours and then try to play the songs I had heard before. That became a healthy everyday practice. By that time it was popular to go to particular parties and my friends and I used to go to many of them. My friends would dance and drink and flirt and I would only go watch the guys from the bands play and dream becoming one of them.

By the beginning of the 70's I traveled a lot to the USA as a swimmer and that gave me the chance of getting closer to the work of bands that weren't popular yet in Mexico City like Chicago, The Hollies, The Union Gap, The Classics IV, The Dave Clark Five, Tommy James and The Shondells, The Shocking Blue, The Guess Who and discovered duets and trios like Simon and Garfunkel, Seals and Crofts, Peter, Paul and Mary, as well as the concept of "songwriters" like Jimmy Buffett, Glenn Campbell, Elvis Presley, Neil Diamond, Stevie Wonder, Don McLean, James Taylor, John Denver, Carole King, Cat Stevens, Elton John and Barry Manilow. I decided to imitate these guys, play their music and try to write my own music. So I did and I wrote songs like "Sheree", "Everytime", "A song for you" and some others, as a result of various falls for beautiful girls.

I got more into the music of bands like America, Bread, Eagles, Loggins and Messina, Crosby Stills Nash and Young, Seals and Crofts and Country-Folk songwriters like John Denver, Dan Fogelberg and Kenny Rogers through highschool. Not only into their music but into their fashion, their way of thinking, their personalities. I got into local Music Concurses to win.

Later I was introduced to this guy that my friend said "likes the same music you like and plays the guitar and sings too" called David Beja. We compromised to rehearse and play together at nights at local bars, south Mexico City. We had such a good time playing a Country-Folk and Pop repertory of songs to bar audiences! We became popular then but unfortunately had to break apart for some time. Years later we formed a band called Maple. We played for a couple of years at Colleges and Social Centers, then we split.

In 1985, just after I moved to the City of Cancun, I met a local performer that got me into the Cancun nightlife at the Kristal Hotel. It was the first time I played for an international audience. It was so great playing songs that most of the people knew! Bad news, there were very few jobs for guitarists but good news there was a lot of work for pianists. All I had to do was to transpose all the songs I played on the guitar, now to the piano. I did and the process was kind of slow but fortunately I soon found myself playing for many Hotel Lobby Bars and Restaurants until I was hired to play at both the Caracol and the Kukulcan Plazas. That gave me the popularity I had been looking for and the confidence I had always wanted to have. I met lots of people there, a lot of people that invited me to go play to their hometowns like Chicago, LA, Boston, New York, Las Vegas, Toronto and many others.

After living for ten years in Cancun I got back to Mexico City for a couple of months. During that time, I had told my friend David I was going to be in the city for some time and that I wanted to play somewhere there. He told me to attend the "70's Place", a very popular bar. I did so and met Raul Gonzalez Pliego, the leader of the Old Days Band, who offered me the openings for the Band. I accepted and from then on I've been opening for Old Days, now at the Radisson Flamingos Hotel every Friday night. I also play on Saturdays at the Restaurant Tramevino in Tlalpan, I perform in particular social events and I have released two albums, "Remembranzas" in 2004 and "Ulises Troyo: Now" in 2009. My next project is a LIVE album to be recorded soon.

Music and/or Videos

For all my kind FANS, from now on I'll be publishing "The song of the week" (whose lyrics appear in my LOTUS page) with the music and/or the corresponding video. Enjoy!

Re-designing my Website.

Good news! I'm about to finish the re-design of my Website (available now both in Spanish and English languages). And although it's been a tough task it's been full of fun and excitement at the same time. This re-design includes faster links between pages, the creation of sub-pages and neat returns to practically every single page, clearness and order in the contents and easiness in navigation. More pics, videos and songs, special sections for the Press and explosions of attitude in every page that will make all my visitors stay longer, see and participate more, and definitely come back.

Ulises Troyo SONGBOOK and Mailing List.

Starting on January 2012, I'll be publishing some of the lyrics to the songs on my Repertory in the LOTUS PAGE of  this Website, so that all my FANS can build a SONGBOOK. I'll be posting about the names of the songs through FACEBOOK and how to JOIN MY MAILING LIST in order to WIN special prizes like discounts in merchandise and Backstage Passes.

Recording LIVE from shows.

Since June there have been recordings made at some of my presentations at the Radisson Flamingos Hotel. These recordings are part of a program of twelve sessions for my new project: a LIVE CD. All the recordings will be held at the Scala Bar, from 9:30 PM to 10:30 PM. You could be invited to some of them... wait for your invitation.

Presentation of "Now" and interview.

Everything is ready for the presentation of my new CD NOW, next November 12th, 2009 at the Events Hall of the MERIDIEM Chapultepec Restaurant. The ceremony will start at 9:30 PM. Most of the guests have confirmed their assistance, as well as the three expositors. Don't miss the exclusive interview, broadcasted LIVE previously on Wednesday at 8:00 PM by, conducted by Jaime G.

Pay-Pal, a secure way of buying my CDs.

Now you can buy my CDs directly from this Website, through PAY-PAL. Beginning in April, 2011, you'll be able to purchase with no complication, in Local Currency and sure that you'll be getting your package as soon as possible thanks to a neat delivery program. (Only for Mexico City and Metropolitan Area).



Posted by Ulises Troyo on Wednesday, March 4, 2009 Under: Opinion

In every artistic activity there's a numeric coefficient that measures the expressive freedom of a particular artist in a definite stage of his development. Historically accustomed to the use of numbers for almost any situation related to comparison, we usually apply the mathematical figure of the "ratio" to set ourselves inside an ideal context. Our growing process begins always with knowledge and learning and we get into it through the repetition of certain "patterns". The amount of expressive freedom we have then, is given in terms of 1 to 100, or 1/100 or 1%, where 100 is the highest possible number and 1 is the lowest.

All this leads to the explanation of why an artist needs to "copy" before he begins to create. The point is that it's a need and not just an attitude from the artist. This is a natural process and without it, there wouldn't be creation. While in the process of learning, the numerator grows and tends to equal the denominator, and we grow to an absolute expressive freedom. So copying isn't that bad, as long as you don't keep copying forever.

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