There’s a popular mexican saying for our female cousins. For some people, it’s a funny one, for others it's not. The truth is that the relation between cousins has its importance. And I’ve chosen this topic for my Blog because last May 20th I got together with my dear cousins Perla and Susana, daughters of my aunt Candita Troyo and my uncle Mario Rivas. I hadn’t got together with them for about forty years, although I saw Perlita and my aunt Candita something like twenty years ago. It was a really touching moment when we came forward and hugged. My Beatriz Elena and I spent the day with them and their families. Loving memories arised. Best thing is that we re-opened an existing track that will keep always open. Thank you Emilio and Luis, thank you nephews and nieces, thank you Perlita and Susie.