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Sheree': The origin of a love song

One of the most memorable visits to the United States was to the City of Apple Valley, in California. Three unforgettable incidents took place then: I won a trophy, I got a great suntan and I wrote one of my love songs. The trophy was exhibited for years at the Club until it was lost and my suntan disappeared months later. But the song lasts. It's about an accidental but fortunate encounter with a beautiful Californian girl and her pretty name. And to think that Sheree' never knew about the song...

OUT OF STOCK for now

The first recording day of the album was my 48th birthday.

The last copy of the Second Edition release was sold for good last February, as told before, exactly on February 2nd, my 55th birthday.


The recording sessions of NOW totally took place in my studio at home and that is the reason why I called my studio SWEET HOME STUDIO...

The original idea of the project came out during a recording session of REMEMBRANZAS and it was...

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