About this Compact Disc


The first recording day of the album was my forty-eighth birthday.

REMEMBRANZAS First Edition was released three months later than planned with a total production of scarcely two hundred copies. Two more releases of five hundred copies were needed to fulfill the good demand of the album, and the last copy was sold last February.

A Third Edition of the album is on its way, with a release of five hundred more copies. Its distribution will still be directly from this Website and through my LIVE presentations.


The first time I had been recorded LIVE was back in 1997 with a portable cassette recorder, guitarist and friend Pepe Dominguez lent me. The result was a release of a promotional cassette with 10 songs on each side. Fifty copies were sold and distributed at ESCAPE Restaurant in Cancun.

The original name for the album was REMEMBRANCES FROM CANCUN and the release would take place during my comeback to that City, event that never happened.

For the presentation of the album, two big events were organized in 2004: "REVIVIENDO LOS SETENTAS First Show" on June 11th and "REVIVIENDO LOS SETENTAS 2" on July 30th, at the Musical Forum of CMR, Bar Concord. Both events took place and a lot of people came to the two shows, with the exception of  the distributor and not a single album was sold.

The last copy of the Second Edition release was sold last February, as told before, exactly on February 2nd, my fifty-fifth birthday.

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