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"Now & Then" is a project that consists in the production of two CDs and one DVD, complemented by three different multimedia presentations. NOW is the first of the two CDs and its recording process started on July 1st, 2009.

The recording of NOW was entirely made at my studio, at home.

The First Edition of NOW released one thousand copies of the disc that have been distributed by three different media, on the Internet (here in mi Website and in my MySpace, Facebook and Reverb Nation pages), by direct sales (in my presentations and events) and by special telephone requests.

The name of the project in the beginning was ORIGINS.

NOW was dedicated to the memory of the two women I am specially thankful to: Maria Elena and Maruca, my mother and my mother-in-law.
It is also dedicated to my first granddaughter Daria's day of birth.


The idea of this project came out during a REMEMBRANZAS recording session. The intention was to release the CD on February 2nd, 2007 for my 50th birthday.

The design of the inside booklet had been modified 29 times, the songs to appear in the disc around fourteen times and the order of the definite songs, something like five more times.

There is a previous recording, still by the name of ORIGINS, made some years back with the colaboration of my nephew Jan Toussaint Ayala.

The release of the line of products NOW in TROYO DESIGNS, my Online Store, took place on July 1st, 2009, with more than 50 products like T-shirts, coffee cups, stickers and caps.


The picture on the cover of the CD was taken by my wife during a trip to Chicago.

The next picture was taken in Playa Ballenas, Cancun, and it starts the set of pics inside the CD. Since the name of the CD was going to be ORIGINS, and the City of Cancun had been the origin of one special phase in my life, its inclusion was mandatory.

"Remembranzas" was recorded with the intention of having a dignified demo and for promotional purposes. The development of an enormous emotional charge during the process encouraged me to extend my goal towards my audience. Five years after its release, excited by the birth of my granddaughter Daria and because of the constant request of a second disc by my fans, it's my pleasure to present mi new production. Planned in the beginning as a unique CD, the project was meant to show the people, the places and the songs that are special in my life. I divide the production in two phases and call ORIGINS the first one. Then I include an almost unknown facet of myself, my beginnings in music as a guitarist and the name NOW AND THEN comes out. A concept that connects two realities and two significant stages of my life. NOW  is the result of a more than ten years trail.

The fifth picture at the left shows (from left to right and from top to bottom): Ulises and Beatriz (our wedding), my son Ulises and my daughter Talía, Tere, my sister-in-law, Mauricio my nephew and his dog Perky, my brother Páris; mi graddaughter Daria, Karlota, my sister's dog and Maria Elena my sister, with Kornelia.

In the same order, the next picture shows Don Sergio and Doña Maruca, my dear in-laws. My nephew Raúl with his mom Addy and his dad Raúl. Eugenio (RIP) and Adrián Toussaint, Alice my sister-in-law, Jan mi nephew and Valeria my niece. My wife with Valeria, Alexis my niece and his dad Alejandro, Ana and Alice (my sisters-in-law) with Beatriz Elena, my wife.

Thankful to a lot of people, their names all appear here.

Beatriz Elena, Oscar and Claudia Ocampo; Ulises and Talía Troyo, Sofía, Mauricio; Mariloly, Pepe, Paty, Laura, Walter, Beatriz Elena, Griselda, Jorge y Eduardo and the kids Marcelo and Francesco; Martita and Chechi; Pablo Caso, Pati Noble; Angie and "El Doc"; Leo and Paola. Samar, Beatriz Elena, Marco Parada; Susa Shepard, Luz María Shepard, Biarne and Vane Flores Shepard; Roberto Garrido and Maru; Marco Núñez and Lupita; Polo  and Laura Elena Canales; Floren García and Laurita Martínez; Esperanza, Mine, Jose Carlos, Marcela, Jorge, Corzo, Beatriz Elena, Guadalupe, Caro and Oliver.

Pics from the monumental CLOUD GATE sculpture at Millenium Park, Chicago.

CD Credits:   Recorded at: Sweet Home Studio / Reproduction and Printed in: Duplimedios / Mixed y mastered in: LEstudio / Recorded by: Ulises Troyo / Recording Assistance by: Salvador Belmonte / Photography: Beatriz Ayala / Instrumentation and midi: Ulises Troyo / Design and Production: Ulises Troyo.

Contents:    Imagine / How sweet it is / All my life / Will you love me tomorrow / September morn / Somewhere down the road / Daniel / Sad Lisa / Mexico / The last resort / Temptation / You are so beautiful

Next picture: Royal Palace in Madrid, Spain. Stage ends with our trip to Madrid.

Back cover of the booklet: ULISESTROYO.COM

Back cover of the CD: Another picture of the Cloud Gate at Millenium Park.


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