Eugenio Toussaint

Considered one of the most important musicians in Mexico. Composer, Arranger and Musical Director, founder of Jazz groups Sacbé and The Eugenio Toussaint Jazz Trio. His extraordinary sensitivity and great personality made him the most brilliant musician I've met. (RIP)

"Old Days" Band

This is the most famous oldies Band in Mexico and my favorite, directed by his founder Raúl González Pliego and starring the best Rock-Pop musicians.


The best Beatles alike group. Their wardrobe and their instrumentation are great. Sergio Montero is John, Paco Montero is George, Marco Montero is Ringo, Manuel Negrete is Paul and the fifth Beatle is Jorge Ceballos.


Héctor Ortiz

Well known as a versatile actor and singer, Héctor has taken part in great Musicals in Mexico. His extraordinary imitations of artists like Elvis Presley and Jim Morrison, along with his band The Classics, make his show a happening and a must to see.

Santi De Paul

Excelent composer and writer. Author of the Christmas Carol "The son of God", which recently won the Composition Contest of the "Kiss-FM" radio station in Madrid. Two of his most famous novels are "1596: When arrived the English to Cadiz" and "The legend of an Aragonese Crusader".




Uli Troyo

Creative is the word that defines him better. My son designs frames for Art work, publishes writings and designs Online games.

Laura Martinez

Writer of extraordinary stories and experiences she speaks several languages and she publishes her work "Andanzas Laureadas" regularily. Kind friend with a very interesting perspective of life.


Floren García

Very talented and generous painter from the Province of León in Spain. Great friend that states: "I believe in Art, in Nature and in Genius".


Héctor Monroy

Original paintings from Legends of Rock and Roll and Hollywood Icons and Myths for collectors, Fans, Rock and Roll and movies lovers and Art Dealers.

''Rock Music is a gift of God that feeds Mind and Spirit''

Hector Monroy


Web portal of the Interamerican Association for the Teaching of Music, Mexican Organization that offers FREE MUSICAL EDUCATION FOR EVERYBODY.



Pattern Piano

You can learn to play the piano by ear without the need for written sheet music using the revolutionary technique of "Rhythmic PATTERNS".


Scala Night Club

Forget about work. It's the weekend! Come to our own Night Club in the Radisson Flamingos Hotel, Mexico City and enjoy our show with ULISES TROYO and the OLD DAYS BAND, Friday nights at 9:30 PM. Come to the Radisson! We're waiting for you!


Tramevino Restaurant

Mediterranean Food with a great variety of organic products from Berries Club. Saturday nights are 70's Nights with ULISES TROYO in "Revive los 70's" shows, 8:30 and 10:00 PM. 2004-2012 / Acerca del Sitio / Políticas de Privacidad / Términos de uso / CONTACTO

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