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This website is about Ulises Troyo and his professional activity as a musician. You can access the TROYO DESIGNS for his Design work directly from the Homepage.

The relation that Ulises's name keeps with the Epic of the Ancient Greece inspired him to develop this website, based upon Chants IX to XIII of the Odyssey, Homer's Masterpiece about Odysseus' trip back home from Troy. In Chant IX Odysseus tells King Alcinous about some of his adventures and Chants X to XIII reveal other perils he faces to get to Ithaca.
This site contains, besides Ulises's Blog with an autobiography and news, the Menu of Songs from his Repertoire, pics and vids, an online store, procedures for hiring his services, his discography and audio-clips of his original work, interesting links to other websites and his Guestbook. The CAPTAIN'S LOG will show you the path through this adventure. Enjoy the trip!

The adventure begins in Troy, from where Ulysses departs towards Ismarus and the City of The Cicons, Land of the History. This Information Blog-Page contains my Biography, News, my Personal Blog and Information for the Press.

In the Country of The Lotus Eaters, Ulysses's men eat the sweet Lotus, that makes them forget about going back home. This page contains my Song Menu and my collectable Songbook.

In the Country of the Cyclopes, Ulysses and his crew sagaciously escape from the suspicious hospitality of Polyphemus the Cyclops. "Drop an eye" to picture collections and videos.

Aeolus, Lord of the Island Aeoli, gives Ulysses a present for him to reach his homeland fast, just if the curiosity of his crew allows it. This is an Online Store. Buy from my ULISES TROYO line products and buy my albums.

In the Aeaean Isle, Ulysses speaks with Circe about the fate of his crew, turned into pigs, which is under the condition of fulfilling a mission down in the House of Hades. This page is about my presentations, hiring procedures, feedback from my clients and Information for Sound People.

Binded by his men on a cross-piece half way the mast of his ship, Ulysses resists the enchantment of the sirens' voices as they pass by the Isle of the Sirens. This page is about My Music. Listen to my audio-clips and look at my Discography.

Escaping Charybdis and at the same time keeping Scylla off sailing through Mesina Straits, Ulysses is seduced by the kindness of the goddess Calypso. This is a page that contains links to interesting websites. Go sailing!

Reaching the Island of the Phaeacians, Ulysses and what's left of his crew recover, just before arriving to Ithaca, where wife Penelope and son Telemachus wait for him. This page contains my Guestbook. Feel free to sign it, leaving testimony of your voyage.

In Ulysses' own words to King Alcinous: "Setting sail from Troy the wind took me first to Ismarus, which is the city of the Cicons. Next I was driven by foul winds for a space of nine days upon the sea, until we reached the land of the Lotus-eaters. Off their harbour we got to a wooded and fertile island quite close to the land of the Cyclopes. Then we went on to the Aeoli island where lives Aeolus, dear to the immortal gods. Then we met Circe, and she said to me: 'Ulysses, noble son of Laertes, there's another journey which you have got to take before you can sail homewards. You must go to the house of Hades and of dread Proserpine to consult the ghost of the blind Theban prophet Teiresias whose reason is still unshaken. Therefore, pass the Isle of the Sirens by, stop your men's ears with wax and get the men to bind you as you stand upright on a cross-piece halfway up the mast, and they must lash the rope's ends to the mast itself, that you may have the pleasure of listening'. Later on I was carried along for days till one night the gods stranded me on the Ogygian isle, where dwells the powerful goddess Calypso. All this before landing on the country known even as far as Troy, Ithaca".

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